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By Tim Jackman (@AJGAJackman), AJGA Communications


Networking, experience, teamwork and travel are four things you can expect when you do an internship with the AJGA. With only three weeks remaining in the summer season, AJGA interns are finishing their three-month journey across the country and at the AJGA National Headquarters. We asked them to reflect on their internship and what they took away from it.


"I was able to meet people in the golf industry from all over the country. I now have a better grasp of what it takes to work in golf and I've met a lot of people who can help me get a start." – Alex Everhart, operations intern, Team 2

"This summer has been one of the best experiences of my life. Without the AJGA, I wouldn't have been able to meet such amazingly talented juniors, along with gaining the knowledge needed to work for a top-tier company." – Justin Jarman, operations intern, Team 3

"The best part of the internship is getting to meet the players and the parents. A lot of them understand how much work the AJGA team puts into the events, and at the end of the summer you've built relationships with them." – Andrew Liao, operations intern, Team 6


"My favorite part of the internship was gaining the experience and skills through being on the road running tournaments for 11 weeks with seven other interns." Jud Bennett, operations intern, Team 4

"My favorite part of the internship was constantly learning. I can honestly say I learned something new every day from my coworkers, volunteers and the junior golfers I interacted with." – Michelle Hantak, communications intern, Team 2

"The best part of the internship, especially from the communications side is that you actually get to do what you signed up for. Other internships have you getting coffee and making copies, but it's definitely more interesting to be able to use what you've learned and get the experience you need." Katie Bonneau, communications intern, Team 1


"These last 12 weeks working with the AJGA were some of the best of my life. I was blessed with a fantastic team of interns, and we had the opportunity to make a difference in people's lives on a daily basis." Johnny Garstka, operations intern, Team 3

"My favorite moments were spent with my teammates. It's impossible to pick one special moment when every moment is spent with special people. Working tournaments and interacting with my teammates has made everlasting memories." – Lisa Maybruch, operations intern, Team 5

"I think my favorite part of the internship was my team. I'm so happy that we all came together and we were all able to work together this summer." Meghan Cobb, operations intern, Team 1


"My favorite thing about the internship thus far is definitely the traveling between different courses and cities throughout the west coast. At most stops, we have had the ability to venture out away from the golf course and experience the hidden gems that each place has to offer." – Mitch Moon, operations intern, Team 6

"This internship has allowed me to meet amazing people, travel to places I would have never gotten to see, and I have learned a lot about myself as I have been challenged to step out of my comfort zone." – Sofia Pettersson, communications intern, Team 5

"This internship was about much more than just golf! It taught me a lot about myself, as well as let me travel the country and meet amazing people at each location! Working for an organization that truly cares about its employees was an opportunity of a lifetime!" – Brad Martin, operations intern, Team 3

In-house Internship


The AJGA internship was not just about the traveling staff. Several interns held positions at the AJGA's National Headquarters in Braselton, Georgia. Their experiences may have been different, but the impact was still significant.

"Working for the AJGA gave me the hands-on experience I needed in an internship. For the summer, I became part of the team instead of just another intern. I sharpened my media relations skills and honed my sports writing technique, all while working in the sport I love." – Jared Dunn, in-house communications intern

"I worked alongside company leaders who all exhibit a rare combination of talent and humility. It didn't take long to understand why the AJGA was named one of the Top 100 Workplaces in Metro Altanta. If you are considering applying for a position with the AJGA, do it!" – Holly Sealey, in-house communications intern

If you would like more information about the AJGA's internships visit the AJGA Career Center.