News and Notes: AJGA / CJGA Junior Championship

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By: Michelle Hantak, Communications Intern

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Greenhills Golf Club

The AJGA  / CJGA Junior Championship was played at Greenhills Golf Club in London, Ontario, for the second year.  London native Rene Muyalert designed the course that opened in 1975. The club has two courses, an 18-hole course and a nine-hole Academy course, as well as an indoor and outdoor tennis facility. Despite some heavy rainstorms, the maintenance staff and tournament staff worked extremely hard to make the course playable for the rest of the week.

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Partnership with the CJGA

The American Junior Golf Association and Canadian Junior Golf Association have worked together for two years on the AJGA / CJGA Junior Championship. Both organizations are dedicated to the development of junior golfers on and off the golf course. Together, the AJGA and CJGA run close to 200 junior golf tournaments. During the AJGA / CJGA Junior Championship, CJGA Managing Director of Tour Operations John Lawrence and CJGA Operations Interns Chris Neri and Akash Patel assisted the AJGA staff with tournament operations.

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International Tournaments

The AJGA  / CJGA Junior Championship is one of two tournaments the AJGA hosts outside of the continental United States. Forty-eight of the 96 competitors in the field are from Canada with the highest percentage residing in Ontario.  Some juniors who qualified for the tournament joined the AJGA specifically for the event and are excited to participate in future AJGA tournaments. Although the staff faced some challenges in Canada with monetary and measurement differences, the tournament was a success for all who participated.