News and Notes: Bass Pro Shops / Payne Stewart Junior Championship

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By: Communications Intern Brett Polachek


Payne Stewart signage putting green (3)

Payne Stewart


The Payne Stewart Family Foundation has been one of the title sponsors for the Bass Pro Shops / Payne Stewart Junior Championship for the last seven years. Last year was the first year the Payne Stewart Family Foundation endowed an Achieving Competitive Excellence (ACE) Grant. The ACE Grant’s purpose is to give juniors golfing opportunities regardless of financial status. Payne Stewart’s family thought that the ACE Grant was the perfect way to honor Payne Stewart’s legacy of influencing golf’s next generation.


Bass Pro Shops VIP tour (4)

Bass Pro Shops


Bass Pro Shops was one of Payne Stewart’s early sponsors when he first got onto the PGA Tour, so it seemed like the perfect co-sponsors for the Bass Pro Shops / Payne Stewart Junior Championship. After the second round, the Bass Pro Shops’ marketing team allowed competitors and staff members the opportunity to tour the National Headquarters. Once the juniors got the layout of the building, they were given a scavenger hunt with a Bass Pro Shops gift card for whoever finished first. Kyle Covington of Jonesboro, Arkansas, prevailed and won the scavenger hunt.

Baron Weaver Payne Stewart (6)



Every year at the Bass Pro Shops / Payne Stewart Junior Championship, the Tournament Director, Tournament Assistant, Tournament Chairman and the juniors are encouraged to wear knickers in honor of Payne Stewart during the final round. This year Crimson Callahan of Chesterfield, Missouri, has worn knickers every day of the tournament. The winner of the 2014 Knickers Contest was Baron Weaver of Springfield, Missouri.