News and Notes: Evitt Foundation RTC Junior All-Star

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WindStone Golf Club

WindStone Golf Club developed out of FountainGate, an exclusive golf community that was never able get fully get off the ground. Before the WindStone Development Company was formed in 1989, visitors of FountainGate were greeted by unfinished roads, an empty guard gate and only nine holes of golf. Today, the course sprawls almost 500 acres in Georgia and Tennessee, sitting on the border of the two states. WindStone Golf Club has served as the host for the Ringgold Telephone Company sponsored AJGA tournament since the tournament’s inception in 2003.

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The Evitt Foundation

The Evitt Foundation is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit operated by Ringgold Telephone Company. The Foundation was started in 2004 in memory of Jim Evitt Sr., the founder of Ringgold Telephone Company. Throughout his life, Evitt was very passionate about making a difference in the lives of others and the Foundation strives to promote child welfare and education in Catoosa County where Ringgold Telephone Company is located.

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Ringgold Telephone Company Partnership

The Evitt Foundation RTC Junior All-Star has been an AJGA event for 12 years. Ringgold Telephone Company Executive Vice President Phil Ehrli and former Vice President of Operations Tommy Holcombe realized they could combine their passion for golf and promoting positive experiences in the lives of children by partnering with the AJGA to host an annual golf tournament. The company and city of Ringgold provide countless volunteers that help the AJGA staff run the event every year. Working together, Ringgold Telephone Company and the AJGA are able to put on one of the top Junior All-Star events in the Southeast.