The McArthur Towel & Sports Future Legends Volunteer Spotlight

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are a regular part of AJGA tournaments across the country. They help to make
tournaments happen and are extremely valuable to the AJGA. Sometimes you find
volunteers that stick in your mind. In this, case there are two of them.

Their names are Andrew Sagrillo and Andrew Clement.
They are best friends and enjoy golf and volunteering with the AJGA. There is one thing
that makes them unique, however, they are 12-years-old. Don’t let their age fool you though.
They are not afraid to show players a red card or criticize poor play. This is their second year
helping out at a timing station, and they say they will keep coming back.

“Golf is
life.” Sagrillo said, “We like seeing some of the best players nationwide.”

For these
boys golf is life. They are part of the junior program at The Legend at
They play golf every day. That is every day they are not playing other sports
like basketball,
soccer and baseball. Golf is “by far” their favorite though.

“Golf takes
skill, it takes your mind.” Sagrillo said. “And a little bit of luck,” Clement

Sagrillo and
Clement have been best friends since first grade where Clement overheard
talking about golf. They hit it off, and have been best friends since.

“We have the
same sort of personality.” Sagrillo said. “And we are both short, so we know it
meant to be.” Clement added.

Sagrillo and
Clement are both excited to play in the AJGA in the next couple years and
has a message he wants everyone to hear.

“Remember our
names. You will be seeing us again soon.”

Andrew and Drew, Timing Station Volunteers (5)