News and Notes: Golf Pride / David Leadbetter Junior Classic

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By Debbie Lee and Chris Hummer, AJGA Communications


WORD FROM THE WISE: During the David Leadbetter Clinic, Dr. Bob Winters and Trevor
Anderson gave players noteworthy pointers that touched upon the psychological
and physical aspect of the game of golf.

Dr. Bob Winters, a sports psychologist and performance
consultant with the Leadbetter Academy, advised players to be aware of their
thoughts and emotions when preparing to hit a shot, as the mental routine is
just as important as the physical.

The game of golf is not just a test of physical stamina, but
also a challenge to preserve a mental focus through each shot.

Trevor Anderson, who assists players at the Leadbetter Academy,
gave our players a few tips to avoid the typical misconceptions of a normal
“warm up” prior to teeing off.

“Hitting 30 golf balls on the range before your round is not a
warm up,” Anderson said. “Without properly stretching and stimulating your
muscles those 30 swings are actually negative movement that will influence your


photo capturing sisters Maria
Andreina Merchan and
Maria Alejandra Merchan, who like Team
1, traveled from Weston, Fla., down to ChampionsGate, Fla., for the GolfPride /
David Leadbetter Junior Classic. Going into a one-hole sudden-death playoff for
the Girls Division championship, Maria Alejandra Merchan intensely watched her older sister with hands clasped together. As the
winning putt dropped into the cup, champion Maria Andreina Merchan, who just won her first AJGA event, was greeted on No.10 green with
arms open wide for a heartwarming hug by her little sister. 


volunteers at the Golf Pride / David Leadbetter Junior Classic were a
well-oiled machine. Over 25 volunteers, at a course without a membership to
draw from, assisted daily to help make the tournament run smoothly. Water
rovers distributed water with a smile and timing stations volunteers were
always active to assist.

of the volunteers came from more than thirty minutes away just to help run a
junior golf event out of kindness and compassion. They didn't view it as a day
to help out; they genuinely enjoyed the experience in working with the juniors
and helping the AJGA.

are too many volunteers to thank individually, but the group at the Golf Pride
/ David Leadbetter Junior Classic was awesome, and the tournament would not
have been able to run the same without them.