#ThrowbackThursday: Member to Intern

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Many times I’ve talked about how much the AJGA relies on our
interns to help us run our events in the spring and summer. Between the crews
we send out on the road to the staff that comes to work every day at our
national headquarters in Braselton – we couldn’t do it without them.

What many people might not know about our intern staff is
that several of them had experiences with the AJGA many years before they found
themselves researching tournament history, setting tees early in the morning,
choosing tournament hole locations and writing post round recaps. Believe it or
not, the 2013 AJGA summer intern class boasts 11 AJGA alumni. Not that long
ago, the staff you see out there on the golf course, were on the other side of
the tournament – standing in line at registration, arriving early to second
round tee times for equipment surveys and working to earn stars and exemptions
to help their PBE status.

In honor of #ThrowbackThursday, I caught up with a few of
our AJGA alumni intern staff out on the road. I asked them a few questions about
their memories, experiences and advice to juniors that may want to work for the


you’ve seen some of our interns out on the road this summer perhaps you can
identify them in these #ThrowbackThursday photos from their days as AJGA

your favorite memory playing in AJGA events?

favorite memory of playing in AJGA events was in a qualifier in Las Vegas. One
of my friends made it into a four-way playoff for the last spots. It was a four
for three playoff, and my friend teed off first and hit his drive about 40 yards
OB. Immediately, the three other players put their head covers back on their
drivers and pulled out irons. He didn’t make it, but it’s something we still
laugh about to this day.”

            -Chris Ceman, Communications
Intern, Team 2

favorite memory would be traveling to Pinehurst with my Dad. It was a great
experience to be able to stay on the golf course at Pine Needles.”

            -Ryan Flanagan,
Operations Intern, Team 4

one thing about AJGA tournaments that surprised you the most when you went to
the staff side after years as a member?

had no idea how much work went into making every aspect of the events possible.
I loved getting Polo golf shirts and Titleist golf balls, and having cold towels
and water available throughout the course. I definitely felt like I was playing
in a top-notch event and now I see just how much is done to make all of that
possible and to give the juniors an amazing experience.”

            -Tatum Briele,
Operations Intern, Team 4

from a player to an AJGA staff member, it surprised me to see how much the
tournament chairmen impact an event, how important volunteers are to a
tournament, and much detail and planning go into an event prior to the event

            -Alyssa Randolph,
Operations Intern 2012, Tournament Assistant 2013

one piece of advice you would give to a junior golfer that hopes to one day
work for the AJGA?

advice to current juniors would be to utilize the skills that are required to
be a successful junior golfer such as hard work and perseverance. These
qualities are necessary to work for the AJGA. These skills and your golf
knowledge are a great combination when applying to work for the AJGA.”

            -Tori Stock,
Operations Intern, Team 1

a phenomenal experience and a great way to give back to an organization that
helped me obtain one of my goals of playing collegiate golf. This internship is
also a great networking tool for job seekers that are looking for jobs within
as well as outside the golf industry.”

            -Michael Hicks,
Operations Intern, Team 5


I hope you’ve enjoyed hearing from some of our summer
intern staff. Remember that you can follow along with what they’re up to by
taking a look at the Summer Traveling Internship photo album on Facebook and
reading the “News & Notes” blogs that the communications staff posts from
each tournament site.

Interested in how to become an AJGA intern? Check out the
careers page on our website.

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