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At the conclusion of the busy
summer tournament season, AJGA headquarters closes for three days in October.
During these three days, all staff members, from the newest of new to the
Executive Director and Chief Operating Officer travel to the Georgia mountains
for a staff retreat.

Staff retreat is a time to
get away from the office, to talk about the year behind and plan for the year
ahead. While there is a lot of work that gets done, the retreat is also a time for
AJGA staff to have fun together and enjoy each other’s company. Whether it’s a
friendly, yet certainly competitive, softball game, or preparing s’mores around
a campfire, there’s plenty of fun time for the staff to get to know one another
and have time together outside of the normal work atmosphere.

Director of Player Services
Chandler Sweat, an AJGA staff member since 2004, has attended nine staff

“The benefits of having a
staff retreat are team building, future productivity and feeling valued,” Sweat
said. “It gives us a chance to say what we really think.”


Staff retreat blog

Chandler Sweat participates in the final challenge of ‘Minute to Win It’ at staff retreat.


In my personal opinion, one
of the coolest things about staff retreat is the invitation that is extended to
attend to “new hires,” future employees who do not start work at headquarters
until January.

Kellen Clawson, who worked as
an intern in 2011 and 2012, attended his first staff retreat in October and shared
his experience.


Q: As a new hire, what was your first
thought about the AJGA flying down all of the new hires to participate in staff

I thought it
was a great gesture to make me instantly feel included in the
organization. It was another gesture that showed me I was making the right
move, moving states away from my family to start a new adventure. I had an organization
that supported me and wanted me involved as soon as possible.

Q: What were your first impressions?

I liked how easy it was to
jump in and have fun with both the staff that I knew previously from my
internships, as well as the staff that I had never met before. The people
I met for the first time all welcomed me and mentioned how they were excited to
work with me. I could tell the staff gets excited each year to meet the
new hires and welcome them.

Q: What does it mean to work for an organization
that offers this kind of event for its employees?

I am very proud to be part
of an organization that does this. I know that no matter what struggles I face
at work, I will always have the support of my coworkers. I am proud to be part
of an organization that empowers me even when I am fresh out of school and
prone to mistakes. They encourage me to grow and learn which makes me want to
perform better.

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