AJC Top 100: Sara Wagoner

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2010, Sara Wagoner made the transition from Braselton to Atlanta, golf slacks
to scrubs, 56 co-workers to 6,830. But one thing remained the same as she left
the AJGA for a job with Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta: she was leaving one
AJC Top 100 Workplace for another.

(Sara Wagoner, front row, second from left, during her time with the AJGA.)

            “I was
lucky to start my professional career at the AJGA,” Sara said. “I don't believe
it's possible to understand how special the AJGA is unless you've worked there.
The AJGA is a family through and through.”

            During her
four years at the AJGA, Sara built a foundation for her career working for
nonprofits. She covered the spectrum of responsibilities as the AJGA Director
of Media Relations, including managing the video department, serving as editor
of The Insider, coordinating the communications
internship program, and overseeing the media relations plan.

            “I've never
worked harder in my career or had as much responsibility handed to me,
especially at such a young age,” Sara said. “I learned how to handle myself in
a professional manner, no matter the circumstance, and I really learned how to
be team player.”

            She is now
a Senior Program Coordinator working with the Aflac Cancer Center at Children’s
Healthcare of Atlanta, which checked in as the No. 10 large company in the
AJC’s 2013 survey of top workplaces.

            While many
AJGA employees graduate to high-level jobs in the golf and sports industries,
Sara had always aspired to work for a children’s hospital. And like many others
before her, Sara’s goals were realized thanks to the support of the AJGA

at the AJGA taught me many things. It was working there that made me realize
where I wanted to go with my professional future,” she said. “The AJGA would
have prepared me well for any profession, but especially one in nonprofit."

-Chris Richards (@AJGARichards

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