AJC Top 100: Kevin Floyd

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Floyd: Prestige Staffing


Tell me about your time with the AJGA:

 I graduated college in May of
1998 and did the communications internship on the East Coast. I think I
literally came to training the day or two after graduation. I was a
communications intern, one of two, and Tonya Oskarson was my partner. We
traveled through the summer with four operations interns and ran events. At the
end, I felt like there could be a full time opportunity for me, but I wasn’t
sure when I left. A while later I got a call from Joel Schuchman (currently Director of Communications for the PGA TOUR)
and he offered me a full time job in communications. I was all about it – I
said I’m all in.  There were only four or
five people at that point and we had this little corner of the building back
when the AJGA was headquartered at Horseshoe Bend. A year later I got an
opportunity a year later to start a staffing company in Atlanta and I couldn’t
pass it up. 

What did you learn during your time at the AJGA?

I learned time management and how
to work in a kind of organized chaos – getting the course set up on the front
end and then post tournament with deadlines and getting the releases out. Most certainly
teamwork. I’m in a leadership position now at Prestige and one of our core values
is teamwork. I think the elements of teamwork that I learned while working with
a team that summer and full time at the AJGA was invaluable. No one person is
going to get the job done by themselves. It’s an absolute requirement that you
work together and cater to each other’s strengths. Living that 24/7 during that
intern summer and year afterwards was critical and I definitely carried that
over to my current business.

 What was your favorite memory from your time at the AJGA?

The first tournament I worked, we
played at Bellefonte Country Club in Ashland, Ky. That week Hunter Mahan
qualified into the event. I remember Hunter Mahan just sitting at tournament
headquarters while the scores were coming in just dying to get in to the event.
I believe it was one of his first AJGA events, and he ended up just blowing
everyone away and finishing in second place. 
I tell that story now and considering where he is, it’s pretty cool to
have been there.  

What would you tell someone about the AJGA if asked?

[The AJGA] is a phenomenal
organization. It is the most competitive training in junior golf, extremely
well run with efficient tournament events and a great experience and what I saw
was it became a home away from home for a lot of these players. Some traveled
and played as many as possible and some just stepped in for a few events, but the
AJGA was very intentional in giving positive experience for everyone and
training in life values. You saw this in the pace of play policy, code of
conduct and making players take their hats off inside. These were sound
principles that [Executive Director Stephen] Hamblin and the other guys set up
front. I saw kids come to these events and there was this standard they had to live
by that was consistent throughout the organization. There was no tolerance for
people who didn’t play by the rules. A lot of parents appreciated the code of
conduct and realized how these values were beneficial to their kids at the next

I always recommend the
internship to everyone. It’s a wonderful opportunity to see places and do things;
it’s just phenomenal. I still talk to those guys I traveled and worked with all
the time. The relationships are the essence of the AJGA. The relationships I built
have been some of the most fruitful and beneficial I have had in my career. As
you live and work together for several months, the AJGA is great at forming a
family structure among its employees.  


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One of my favorite things about being involved in interviewing past staff members for our AJC Top 100 series has been hearing stories and history about the organization that I've never heard before. While preparing this blog and reading over Kevin's Q&A, it was awesome to read his answer to the question about his "favorite AJGA memory." I've worked the tournament at Bellefonte for two years now and had never heard the story of Hunter Mahan qualifying into the event… Very cool to hear. 

Do you have a great AJGA memory or story you'd like to share? Find me on Twitter and tell me about it. 

Until next time –

Alexis (@AJGAWitman)

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