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In January, Andy Germann placed tied for third in
December’s ShowMeGolfers Junior Championship. The ShowMeGolfers event preceded
the national convention for the Golf Coaches Association of America in Las
Vegas, allowing coaches the opportunity to step away from convention activities
and onto the golf course to recruit during the weekend.

When I last spoke with Andy, he was still looking
for which college to continue his golf career. He found that perfect fit,
signing a Certificate of Intent with the United States Air Force Academy.

school students sign a Certificate of Intent with the Air Force Academy, as
opposed to a National Letter of Intent (NLI). A Certificate of Intent is a
non-binding agreement that signifies an athlete’s commitment to follow through
with the appointment process. (Information from the United States Air Force
Academy Athletics website)

Last month at the Goodman Networks Junior at
Traditions, I had the opportunity to catch up with Andy and his dad Chris. We
talked about Andy’s journey to find the right fit to play college golf, the
AJGA and Andy’s decision to attend the Air Force Academy.

(Andy Germann at the Goodman Networks Junior at Traditions in March)

What were your thoughts going into last season regarding the college
recruitment process?

Germann (Andy’s Dad):
He [Andy] did not play in any AJGA
events prior to last summer. He was average score wise and just wasn’t ready to
compete; he was still trying to play in local tours. But going into that year,
we knew that, if he was going to play golf in college, we needed to be involved
with the AJGA.

The first thing we did was to figure out how to get
into events, and we saw that Preseason events were going to be the best way to get
the foot in the door. Andy placed second at the Preseason Junior at Brookhaven
and that gave him confidence for the rest of the year. He didn’t feel like he
needed to play catch up, he felt like he needed to keep playing. The Preseason
event was a great way to do that.

did you hear of the ShowMeGolfers event, and why did you decide to pursue
attending it specifically?

from summer tournaments to tournaments during the school year, we looked for
special events that weren’t necessarily during the school week. That one was,
but it was one event during the school year that we identified that we really
needed to do. We put all our eggs in one basket. Going in, we told Andy, “This
is one point on the line, you have the spring season, and you have the summer
to play in AJGA events.” He just went in with the attitude, “Let’s see what

the ShowMeGolfers event, what were some of your impressions of the event, the
AJGA and any college prospects?

(On the AJGA and events…)
My first impression was how well the events are run. Everyone is committed to
what the mission is, and I sincerely mean that. Everybody is great to work
with, we felt treated really well. The fields, there are kids and families that
are really dedicated to golf, and you meet quality people, kids and families
from all over the country. That’s a fun part of the experience.

(On the ShowMeGolfers
event and college prospects…)
I just think there are
tons of opportunities, there were so many good coaches there. Doors were
opening that weren’t there before. It was good.

me a little bit about Andy’s desire to attend a US Military Academy and that

had never really played well in school tournaments and it was the AJGA that
really gave me the opportunity to play well. It was really cool how it worked out;
I’ve wanted to be a pilot for a long time.

wanted to play golf in college, but he really wanted to be a pilot at one of
the Academies. So, when then AJGA talks about helping kids realize dreams, you
have to realize that it’s not just golfing dreams, these are life dreams. If
other kids like Andy can use golf to become an oil man, a stock broker or an
Air Force pilot, then that’s the value of the AJGA.


I don’t know about you, but that last quote from
Chris is what sticks out to me most about the interview. It’s an awesome
reminder that the AJGA is helping all different kinds of junior golfers achieve
their dreams, from juniors like Andy that hope to attend a certain school and
program to juniors that hope to someday play on the PGA TOUR or LPGA.

As the spring signing period for 2013 graduates
begins today, I can’t wait to hear more stories like Andy’s as AJGA members
decide colleges at which to follow their dreams, whatever those dreams may be. To
keep up with where AJGA members are headed, make sure you take a look at our
Spring PING College Golf Signing Day album on Facebook, and key an eye on the
#collegegolf hashtag on Twitter.

And just as a reminder, if you’re signing a National
Letter of Intent today or in the future, make sure to let us know!

Happy spring signing period!


Until next time –

Alexis (@AJGAWitman)




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