What is “paperless” all about?

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If you follow the AJGA on Twitter or Facebook, or have been to one
or more of our events already in 2013, you might have heard the word
"paperless" getting thrown around. You might have also wondered,
"What exactly does this change about my AJGA event experience?" 

Well… Let me explain. 

In an effort to curb our use of paper products for the 2013
season, the AJGA has decided to begin the move away from printed materials on
tournament sites and move toward offering all of our tournament materials digitally.
Printed information that participants have commonly received in the past;
pairings, general information sheets, sponsorship documents, and much more will
be readily available on our tournament mobile websites.

We know that many of our members, their families, and their guests
like to utilize the latest technology while at a tournament, including using
some of the latest smart phone and tablets available. In conjunction with that,
at AJGA tournaments in 2013, you’ll see signage out on the course advertising a
QR code that will take you to the tournament website following a quick scan by
your smart phone or tablet.



Some Frequently Asked Questions…

is a “QR code?”

“QR” stands for “Quick Response Code.”  QR codes are a type of barcode that can be
used to direct a user to a web page through the scanning of the code with a
mobile device application.

do I scan a QR code?

If you have a smart phone (iPhone, Blackberry,
Android) there are countless QR scanner apps that you can download, and many of
them are free. Once installed, all you need to do is open the app and use your
phone’s camera to scan the code. The app will automatically read the code and
open the site. 

are some free QR code scanners that I can use?


Red Laser

Barcode Scanner

QR Scanner

Quick Scan



Do you have some additional questions about QR codes or how to use them? Give me a shout on Twitter (@AJGAWitman) and I'm happy to help! 


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