Intern Recruiting Weekend by the Numbers

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It's finally here. Internship Recruiting Weekend.

Tomorrow, 96 candidates for the AJGA's summer traveling internship will travel to Atlanta to begin an interview process unlike any other. Over the course of the weekend, as the staff learns more about the candidates, the candidates will also get to learn more about the American Junior Golf Association. 

If you're one of the candidates coming to town tomorrow, or you're just curious about the whole event, take a look at "AJGA Recruiting Weekend by the Numbers," to get a quick glimpse into what will be going on this weekend…

– Miles.  The furthest distance a candidate will travel for IRW. We have a
candidate coming from Prague, Czech Republic!  

– (and counting) AJGA members in 2013.

– Approximate number of candidates that have attended IRW since its inception
in 2001.


Number of servings of dessert that Executive Assistant Mary Ann Cowgur and the
rest of the food and beverage staff will prepare to provide a sweet ending to

Tournaments the AJGA will host in 2013.

– Candidates attending IRW 2013.

– Tweets using the #AJGAIRW hashtag on Twitter (if you haven’t joined that
conversation yet, make sure you do).


Candidates for the summer operations internship headed to Braselton this

– Total number of interns (approximately) hired each year by the AJGA (in-house, spring
traveling and summer traveling).


College and universities represented at IRW this year. We’re going to have
quite a few Bulldogs (My colleague in the Communications Department, and
Georgia grad, Amanda, was pulling for the spelling ‘Dawgs’ here.) in the house,
as the University of Georgia will be the most represented school.

Full-time staff members (that’s everyone!) who will spend their weekend
assisting in the interview process.


Full-time staff members who have completed an internship with the AJGA.

Summer traveling internship spots available.

for the summer communications internship will be attending IRW.

– Summer intern teams that will head out across the country to work AJGA

– AJGA staff that will spend their day at the Atlanta airport meeting and
greeting candidates. (Thanks Kellen, Blair, and Jordan!)

Recruiting Weekend and chance to secure a once-in-a-lifetime internship
opportunity with the American Junior Golf Association. 

Interngroup USE me
(2012 Summer Interns)


If you're coming to IRW this weekend, know that we're all very excited to meet you. As always, we'd love to hear from you on Twitter, so use the hashtag #AJGAIRW, and give us a shout! 

Until next time, 

Alexis (@AJGAWitman)

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