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For weeks, I've been telling all of my friends in the Operations Department that I was going to make it over to #RulesSchool to see what it was really like. Yesterday, that dream became a reality when Greg (one of my co-workers in the communications department) and I ventured over to Château Élan to sit in on the workshop for a little bit. 

In just the half an hour I had the opportunity to sit in on sessions about ground under repair and casual water, I learned quite a few things.  I can only imagine the amount of knowledge one can glean from taking part in three entire days dedicated to the Rules of Golf. 

Here are a few photos I grabbed during my visit: 

AJGA staff at Rules School (4)

Workshop (1)

AJGA staff at Rules School (18)

AJGA staff at Rules School (24)

(Interested in seeing some more photos from #RulesSchool and a few from the reception the AJGA hosted on Wednesday night? Check out our Facebook album.)

And here's a quick video that Greg put together that does a GREAT job of showing you a little bit of what it's like at #RulesSchool


In less than 24 hours it's time for the big Rules of Golf exam! Having the opportunity to talk to so many in the Operations Dept. about the exam over the last month leaves me feeling both very nervous and very excited for them. 

On Monday, I'll have a complete wrap up of all things #RulesSchool for you, including an interview with Scott Hipp, Tournament Co-Chairman of the AJGA Girls Championship, who used some of the AJGA's in-house Rules School preparation material to study prior to attending the workshop this week. 

As it's almost the end of our series on #RulesSchool, make sure you reach out to me on Twitter with any last questions you have about the Rules of Golf or the AJGA's preparations to take the Rules of Golf exam. 



Until then —

Alexis (@AJGAWitman)

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