#RulesSchool: The “100 Club”

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If you ever have the chance to visit the AJGA's headquarters, you'll find the operations department on the first floor. While you might get overwhelmed with working your way through the mazes of cubicles and get lost looking at the various golf paraphenalia that sits on desks through the department, there's a special plaque on the wall that I encourage you not to miss…

…. The One Hundred Club

The plaque reads: 

Hear ye hear ye

Be it known that an inscription on this resplendent plaque, 

yielded from the finest oak in the land,

is reserved for the man or woman who successfully

navigates the PGA/USGA rules exam with a faultless score of 100. 

Here we encounter an ever lasting celebration

of what so many have attempted but so few have achieved. 

Beneath those words are the names of the four AJGA Tournament Directors that are members of the "100 Club." 

Greenfield, Andrew; Freyman, Jeremy (1)
Andrew Greenfield (L) and Jeremy Freyman take a moment to commemorate their 100s.

I asked Jeremy Freyman, who scored a 100 in 2011 what it meant to him to have achieved that score.

"The ultimate goal of attending the USGA/PGA Workshop on the Rules of Golf is to expand our Rules knowledge and prepare ourselves for the upcoming year. Achieving a score of 92 or better on the exam is an added bonus and achieving a perfect score is the icing on the cake."

On Saturday, all the hard work and dedication of the AJGA Operations staff will culminate in the taking of the PGA/USGA Rules of Golf Exam. Regardless of what score they achieve, the Rules knowledge that they acquired over the last few months of #RulesSchool will be invaluable on the road this year. However, when all the scores are tallied, maybe one or two more tournament directors will be able to have that "icing on the cake" perfect score. 

So from me here at the AJGA Blog, to everyone out there that's embarking on this #RulesSchool journey tomorrow — GOOD LUCK! 

-Alexis (@AJGAWitman)

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