Advice from Annika

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By: Amanda Herrington, AJGA Communications

that 24 seconds, nothing can bother me,” said Annika as she addressed a crowd
of juniors, coaches, parents and AJGA staff during the ANNIKA Clinic sponsored
by Rolex on Saturday.

of the main topics during the clinic was how the former LPGA player, a 10-time
major champion with 72 career LPGA victories, handled nerves and distractions
on the golf course.

the Velcro on my glove was undone, I was not thinking about golf,” she said. “Once
that Velcro was attached I was ready."

huge proponent of having fun on the golf course, Annika stressed the importance
of a pre-shot routine to get in the zone.

fun, but when that routine starts, when I put my glove on, that’s my trigger to
get ready.”

not often teenagers get direct advice from their heroes, which is one of the
main reasons the ANNIKA Invitational is such a special event. Players were
treated to a special look at the golf legend, and were even able to see her in


Bethany Wu borrows a glove and driver from Annika.

players joined her in front of the crowd. Casey Danielson picked up target advice
as she practiced her short irons in front of Annika, while 2001 champion Simin
Feng hit long irons and was recognized as the only player in the field to
compete in all five ANNIKA Invitationals.


was truly a dream come true as Sweden’s Linnea Ström practiced with Annika. The
ANNIKA Invitational Europe champion hopes to emulate the career of her fellow

Wu joined Annika to demonstrate her drive. Wu, who did not show any nerves as
she captured the first-round lead, fought a slippery grip when she had to use
Annika’s driver.

course I’m nervous,” Wu said to the crowd. “I’m using Annika’s driver in front
of her.”

topic was off limits as Annika encouraged questions among the clinic attendees.
“What would you eat the night before a tournament?” “How do you deal with
nerves?” “Did you ever go into a tournament thinking you were going to win?”

the clinic came to an end, Annika asked, “Are you bored yet?”

crowd answered loudly with a unanimous “no.”

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