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AJGA Operations staff returns from winter break, their studying for the USGA
Rules Exam kicks into “high gear.” Every year, the 20-member Operations Staff,
after weeks of studying, attends a PGA/USGA Workshop on the Rules of Golf. At
the workshop, the Ops staff participates in a three-day event including sessions
lead by USGA Rules Officials and PGA of America representatives, and takes the
USGA Rules Exam. AJGA Tournament Directors strive for the 92/100 score required
in order to have the highest rules certification.

year, the PGA/USGA Workshop on the Rules of Golf is coming to Château Élan, home
of the American Junior Golf Association’s National Headquarters. This year, as
the event is in our backyard, the AJGA will host a reception for attendees,
which include personnel from state and local golf associations across the US,
to golf course staff and professionals. The Rules Workshop also brings a few
AJGA staff members who now work for the USGA back to Braselton including Rob Ockenfuss,
USGA Manager of Rules Inquiries and Greg Sanfilippo, Director of the U.S.
Junior Amateur and USGA Senior Amateur Championships.

If you
haven’t seen it already, in the upcoming weeks, the hashtag #RulesSchool will
be used on our Twitter page. If you follow along with #RulesSchool, you’ll get
an opportunity to check out some of the things going on here at the AJGA as our
Operations staff prepares for the test. In addition to a “behind the scenes”
look at our preparations, you will also have the opportunity to reach out to us
via social media to ask your own questions about the Rules of Golf.

This week, Tournament Manager Scott
Geary took to the Twitter-verse with a photo of what many desks in the
Operations department look like during these weeks of studying. Geary tweeted,
“A packed #RulesSchool day @AJGAGolf today… 5+
hours, but definitely well worth it!” 


In the weeks leading up to
the Rules workshop February 6-9, a few guests will contribute to the AJGA Blog.
From the USGA, Ockenfuss, will explain preparations for the workshop from the
USGA’s point of view. Andrew Greenfield, AJGA Director of Rules and
Competitions, will give us an inside look at some of the AJGA staff’s
preparations for the exam. Since 2005, Greenfield has been helping with the
continued develop of the Rules curriculum that the AJGA staff use to prepare
for the exam. Chris White, AJGA Senior Tournament Director, will talk about his
experiences of taking the exam as a rookie vs. now as a seasoned pro. Finally,
Blair Thompson, AJGA Tournament Coordinator, will give us the perspective of
what it’s like to be a brand new staff member studying for the exam with the
help of the AJGA “class.”

inside look on Rules School is just the beginning of the new and exciting
changes we have planned for the AJGA Blog for the upcoming year. We’re excited
about these changes, and we’d love to hear some of your thoughts. If you have
something you’d like to hear about, reach out to your blog editors –
@AJGAWitman and @AJGADittmer on Twitter and share your ideas with us. #AJGA2013
is going to be a year to remember as the AJGA runs more than 100 tournaments
for the first time, and we can’t wait to experience it with you.

I’ll leave you with this for today,

What’s worse than a three-putt?

Playing a ball from a wrong place – If you’re on the putting
green and your ball moves, but you don’t cause the ball to move, then you replace it and play it, your round
will take a hit because that would be playing from a wrong place and a
two-stroke penalty.

If you didn’t know, now you do. Rule 18

Alexis Witman (@AJGAWitman)

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