An interview to last a lifetime

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#AJGAIRW was “talk of the tweets” weeks, days and hours before candidates came in for AJGA Intern Recruiting Weekend. Full-time staff, intern candidates and those who previously participated in the weekend-long interview process flooded the AJGA’s social media networks. #AJGAIRW became a topic of conversation throughout the entire weekend. Candidates from all over the country were able to use their #AJGAIRW tweets to “break the ice” and meet one another. It was a fantastic way to start the weekend.

Exactly a year ago, I went through the same process as all the IRW candidates. I can vividly remember how nervous I was walking through the doors of the AJGA National Headquarters and shaking Executive Director Stephen Hamblin’s hand. Fortunately, that feeling went away as the full-time AJGA staff went above and beyond to make every candidate feel welcome and deserving of their trip down to Braselton, Ga.

In his second year as a guest speaker Mr. Bill Hughes, General Manager of TPC Sawgrass, a.k.a the Reverend, spoke after dinner Friday night. At this time last year I realized just how badly I wanted to be a part of the AJGA family. For me this year I realized how fortunate I am to have accomplished that goal. Mr. Hughes referenced ‘winning’ in his speech to let each candidate know that they had already won by making it to the weekend. He was spot on as these individuals were the best of the best. Each will go on to succeed regardless of whether or not they become AJGA interns.

The weekend tested candidates physically, mentally and emotionally. They were given a peek into the life of an AJGA intern throughout the weekend. Written tests, public speaking, interviews and team-building activities were all thrown at the candidates to find out more about their skills and character. Minus the 45-minute traditional interviews each candidate experiences, this weekend is like no other hiring process out there. Each candidate left the weekend having learned a great deal not only about the AJGA, but also about themselves. Candidates will be able to reflect on the tasks they completed, reference the qualified speakers and use the feedback given to them by full-time staff to better themselves personally and professionally. As all of the candidates have made it home safely and are awaiting the outcome, it’s important to note that while some candidates will make it, all of them have #AJGAIRW to look back on.

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Blog post by Scott Geary, Tournament Coordinator with the American Junior Golf Association

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