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After one intense week of becoming students of the game, the AJGA staff has proudly returned to Atlanta following our PGA/USGA Rules Workshop with some newfound knowledge and a lot less stress.

My last post gave you a little taste of what we were going through in preparation for our final exam last Thursday, now it is time to brag a little bit on what we accomplished.

The ultimate goal of the exam is to score a 92 out of the possible 100 points on the exam, which gives that individual the highest possible certification from the PGA and USGA. Amazingly, the 20 full-time AJGA staff was able to average the coveted 92, which is only achieved by a small percentage of attendees at these workshops.

Two staff members enjoyed an extra-special week in Houston. Senior Tournament Director Tommy Tangtiphaiboontana was able to join the AJGA’s “One Hundred Club” for the first time, and Tournament Director Annie Giangrosso went “back-to-back” and secured 100 for the second consecutive year.

In all, four new staff members passed for the first time bringing the staff-wide total to 29 certified rules officials, including 15 tournament directors.

Regardless of the individual results, we all have learned a ton over the last two months and are prepared for the upcoming season. When you find yourself in a sticky situation this year, be sure to track down the nearest AJGA Rules official to get you back in the game!

Till next year…

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-Blog by Casey Ceman, AJGA Tournament Director

One thought on “The results are in

    Roberto said:
    December 14, 2012 at 8:52 am

    Better prepare for the upcoming season and make sure the rules are browsed over and over again.


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