Flashback: 2005 Sportsmanship Award

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Five years ago, the AJGA shared the incredible story of Kristin Ingram as she was honored with the Jerry Cole Sportsmanship Award. Today, as a member of the LPGA Futures Tour, her story is being re-told and it is definitely worth a read. Here's a glimpse, with a link to the complete story at lpgafuturestour.com.

By Lisa D. Mickey, LPGA Futures Tour

An Apple, A Tree, A Family Of Her Own: Futures Tour Rookie Gives Thanks

For LPGA Futures Tour rookie Kristin Ingram, her first real Thanksgiving began years ago with one small apple.

It came from the hand of a kind gardener on the grounds of an Uzbekistan orphanage where she spent her first seven years of life. Losing her mother at childbirth, the stark building she called home offered cramped quarters that she shared with more than 300 other children. They mostly slept and dreamed of families who would love them. And their pangs of hunger were a constant reminder of all that was missing or never was.

But one day, as she stood on the dirt grounds watching the man perform his tasks, the gardener turned to her and produced a small gift that, arguably, changed her life.

“He knew I was hungry and he gave me an apple to eat,” said Ingram, now 23. “It was small, but it was good. I remember it. When he gave me that apple, I knew I could have a better life. I also knew those apples could help us get the nutrition we needed because I could climb that tree.”

Kristin Ingram's Story

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