Day One Round Up From Vegas

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Day one at the Winn Junior Cup Challenge saw Team Harmon and Team Gulbis trade momentum during the three events throughout the day at Rio Secco Golf Club. Team Gulbis, which consists of Natalie Gulbis, Kristen Park, and Yueer Cindy Feng jumped out to an early lead after a dominant performance on the putting challenge. Their lead increased on the straight drive challenge, where they were able to push it to 5-1. But Butch Harmon, Anthony Paolucci, and David Lee of Team Harmon did not go quietly. With one event and four points remaining, they took advantage of opportune birdies throughout a nine-hole best ball match. Team Harmon was able to rally from the early deficit and tie the challenge up at 5-5 before the end of the day.

The final day will consist of a skills challenge and two nine hole events, the first of which will be another team best ball and the final event of the challenge will be three separate matches between the six players. Be sure to check back on and follow @AJGAGolf on Twitter for updates throughout the day. If today was any indication of the competitiveness of the two teams, the team hoisting the Cup at the end of the day will be determined on the final putt of the final match.

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