From Player Rep to AJGA Tournament Director

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As a new pair of AJGA Player Representatives on the AJGA Board of Directors is announced, I have to stop and wonder where in the world did the last decade go? It's crazy to think I'm sitting here writing this from my desk as a Tournament Director at the AJGA and 10 years have passed since the first time I stepped foot inside the AJGA headquarters as the 2001 Girls Player Representative.


Tomorrow, I will step into the boardroom for a staff meeting and have my usual case of Player Representative déjà-vu when I spot that comfy leather bound swivel chair where I used to sit in my prime spot next to Lew Horne for each board meeting.

That means two things. First, I'm getting old! Second, I’m a firm believer that life has a crazy way of coming full circle. What many of you may not know is as we approach the Polo Golf Junior Classic this also coincides with the next term of AJGA Player Representatives.

One boy and one girl that are rising seniors have been selected to represent their peers on the AJGA Board of Directors. 

Here are my words of wisdom to future player representatives:

  1. Remember that you are the voice of the players. Sitting there in your first board meeting you are representing 5,000+ junior golfers and it isn’t everyday that you have the undivided attention of leaders in the golf industry. Soak up the experience.
  2. Get to know the board.  This is an incredible opportunity to sit next to a brilliant group of people and see a different perspective of the AJGA.  There is a little more to a golf tournament than just showing up for your tee time. Who knows, maybe seeing the business end of golf will spark a passion and open up a new career interest (worked out pretty well for me).

Courtney and Michelle

A few things to look forward to behind the scenes:

  • Comfy chairs at board meetings
  • Touring the AJGA HQ
  • Hanging out with the entire AJGA staff
  • Listening to Scoop's (Jason Etzen, AJGA Chief Business Officer) jokes
  • Prime seating at the Rolex Junior All-America Awards Banquet, oh yeah and speaking in front of 320+ people
  • Learning the ridiculous amount of nicknames that each staff member has…to name a few of mine CoJo, CJ, Corny, KJ, Corky (I have a feeling I will regret exposing those later)

Well there you have it….a flashback to the good ole days. Thanks for taking a trip down memory lane with a decade removed AJGA Girls Player Representative turned AJGA Tournament Director.

For the rest of the members out there, don’t forget to give your input and stellar ideas to your 2011 player reps! And to Mariah and Trey, congrats!

Written by AJGA Tournament Director Courtney Jones

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