Like Father, Like Son

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Terry Finger has been the Tournament Chairman at the AJGA event in Hilton Head for 16 years. But this year is a little different and, according to Terry, a little more special.

His son, Mark Finger, is the Tournament Assistant at the event.

Mark and terry finger

“It’s just been awesome to work with Mark,” Terry said.

“It’s fun. I really enjoy it,” Mark said. “I’m kind of in a comfort zone working with him and it’s fun because out of all the Tournament Chairmen, it seems like he’s the one on the radio more than any of them and always wants to help out. It’s just real cool. It’s fun being able to work with him for a week.”

This isn’t the first time Terry and Mark have worked together at an AJGA event though. When Mark was younger, he volunteered at events serving as a range attendant and a standard bearer.

Last summer Mark interned with the AJGA serving as a member of Team 4, working in the Midwest and Northeastern United States.

“Mark had a really good time last summer,” Terry said. “He was pleased that they asked him back this year, a little small step up the ladder and he’d like to work for the AJGA full-time. We’d never thought anything like that would ever happen when he started volunteering at age seven.”

During the week at the Hilton Head Junior All-Star, Terry was able to observe Mark in a different role than normal.

“Mark was a very quiet thinker, he didn’t talk an awful lot,” Terry said. “He would never put himself in a situation where he would talk in front of people he didn’t know and I’ve seen him do it twice this week and it’s made me realize that he’s growing up and has his own goals in life.”

“I definitely feel like I’ve grown a lot during the past two summers working with the AJGA,” Mark said. “I’ve tried to get myself out of my comfort zone a little bit and become more vocal, but I definitely feel like I’ve changed for the better during the past two years.”

The week with father and son has provided for some more humorous moments as well.

“It’s a little weird to call for “dad” on the radio,” said Mark. “This week at the qualifier [AJGA National Qualifier – Bluffton] I didn’t know what to call him.  I was like Terry, Dad, Mr. Finger, I didn’t know what to call him on the radio, but it’s been fun.”

For Dad, it’s not only been a fun week, but an emotional one as well.

“It’s just heartwarming,” Terry said. “This event and the AJGA have meant a lot to me and my family over the years and to be able to spend a week with Mark that I wouldn’t have been able to otherwise, it’s just been great.”

-Written by Sean Hirshberg, AJGA Communications

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