Legendary Course Preparation

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They say if you want something done right – do it yourself, or at least be there to have a hand in it. That seems to be the motto of the staff at The Legend at Bristlecone in Hartland, Wis. When it came to preparing and maintaining the course for the McArthur Towel & Sports Future Legends, Managing Partner of The Legends Clubs, Jack Gaudion, doesn't rely solely on his staff to do the brunt of the work.

After the course took on four inches of rain in the hours leading up to the second round, Mr. Gaudion met his course maintenance staff at 4:30 a.m. ready to work. He worked directly alongside Josh LePine, Superintendent at The Legend at Bristlecone, and 20 crew members pumping and raking bunkers and rescuing a course that, for a time, resembled the shores of nearby Lake Michigan.

Pumping Bunkers

The crew worked diligently to stay ahead and allow the players to move through the course without a hitch.

Following the second round, a Care for the Course activity took place allowing players to give back to the course by repairing divots. Backed by a strong showing of players (43 in all came out to help) about 15 barrels of sand mix were emptied throughout the course helping to keep it in ideal shape for the final round.

The players weren't alone in participating – there was another group who wanted to come along to help. Mr. Gaudion, LePine, Tournament Chairman Drew Detrick, Head Golf Professional Paul LoCicero and Assistant Golf Professional Nick Byon came out to get a chance to know the players while sharing a few laughs and filling divots.

Drew Josh Paul

The work from the course staff did not go unnoticed when all was said and done – Champions Jonathan Garrick and Alex Stewart both mentioned the hard work of the dedicated staff in the awards ceremony speeches.


In a few words – the staff at The Legend at Bristlecone doesn't take any shortcuts when it comes to hosting an AJGA tournament. And that mind set comes directly from the top.


Blog submitted by Curt Haag, AJGA Staff Member

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