Silly Bands Bringing Juniors Together

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By Lauren Johnson, AJGA Communications

I’ve been on the road for six weeks and was recently swept away by a new fad. After being around juniors for the majority of my summer, I caught on to how many of them were wearing these shaped rubber bands around their wrists. Curiosity finally got the best of me and I began to do some investigating.

What were these weird shaped things that the juniors talked so much about? When they took them off I was taken aback in amazement at how these bands conformed into different shapes; shapes ranging from peace signs and animals to sunglasses and food. Any shape you can imagine they had. They call them Silly Bands.

Silly Bands

Despite the competition of their fellow competitors, juniors came together to show off their Silly Bands. It’s like these silly bands have a sense of camaraderie.

Jordan Lippetz, a junior from Bradenton, Fla., said, “It’s a conversation starter. It’s not a regular rubber band because it just keeps its shape.”

Lippetz said her favorite silly band is the four-leaf clover.

Daffodil Sanchez, a junior from Mesa, Ariz., said her favorite silly band is a white bunny.

“When you see your friend has a silly band you just want to go up to them and see what they have,” she said. “I like guessing them. It’s like a little game.”

Watching all the juniors share their silly bands made me want to join in on the fun. I was able to get silly bands in the shapes of a tube of lipstick and a rhino. After a few days of wearing them, I already feel like I have more to talk about. The silly fad of silly bands is definitely one that brings all of us together.

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