Caution: HQ Under Water

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Entering this summer as an intern for the AJGA, I knew my days would be filled with a lot of hard work and that I would encounter some difficult situations that would require me to think outside the box. However, I do not think that tournament headquarters flooding was ever an issue that crossed my mind.

After being plagued by a short, one hour rain delay yesterday during the Preseason Junior at Château Èlan in Braselton, Ga., the entire staff was preparing for any issues that might arise from less than desirable weather during today’s round. While we were all expecting to see the course itself take on water, no one was prepared for tournament headquarters to turn into a water hazard. Luckily, chaos did not ensue and the seasoned staff jumped to action to relieve the situation. Spearheading the campaign was the one and only Ashley O’Dell who can dry a rug with the best of them and from this day forth shall be deemed the Rug Doctor Queen.

While I did remain calm throughout the situation, I must admit that some questions did arise in my head. Should the recently flooded headquarters be marked as standing water? What color stakes mark that again? Maybe it should be marked as a lateral water hazard? Do I get relief from that?

Luckily, just as quick as the water flooded our headquarters, it was gone, thanks to the hard work of both full-time staff and summer seasonal staff, with the exception of myself, who was obviously taking pictures with my camera phone. Kidding aside, I could not be more impressed with the efforts of our entire AJGA staff when faced with such an improbable and unexpected situation. And if your house or basement is ever faced with a flooding issue, you should probably give the AJGA a call; we work fast and look great in Polo Ralph Lauren.

Written by Anthony Rouse, AJGA Staff


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