The Fashion Cut

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Just because it's an old game doesn't mean it has an old look. Aaron Whalen, 13, of Ephrata, Wash., agrees that when it comes to golf, there's nothing wrong with a modern outfit. He showed up to the first round of the Preseason Junior at Oak Valley Saturday sporting a fashionable pair of brightly colored striped pants.

"I want to stand out,"  Whalen said. "I like to wear bright colors out on the course. I pretty much shop for bright stuff when it comes to golf clothes." Aaron Whalen Pants (3)

What's popular so far in 2010? Apparently the brighter the better as the guys have been spotted wearing white pants paired with bright green, orange and yellow shirts. The ladies have been keeping it chic with sporty skirts and pastel polos. Maintaining a color scheme by matching hats and hair ribbons with tops or bottoms adds to a trendy look.

Don't be afraid to make a statement this season. Who knows, you may end up with your picture on the AJGA blog.

Written by Chelsea McCullough, AJGA Communications

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