Snowed In

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For players buried in several feet of snow in the Northeast, the HP Boys Championship at Carlton Woods would seem to offer a welcome respite. Two consecutive blizzards have hammered the region, leaving thousands of homes without power, and forcing schools and offices to close as many areas became paralyzed.


So, what better time than now to leave for snow-free Texas?

Well, that only works if the airport is functioning. In Washington, Philadelphia, New York and many other cities across the Northeast, many flights have been canceled since the storms struck. Unable to get a flight out of Philly on Wednesday or Thursday morning, Zachary Herr was finally forced to face the sad reality and withdraw from the tournament. Disappointing, no doubt, for the 2009 USGA-AJGA Presidents' Youth Leadership Award recipient.

In his place, another player (probably not a Northeasterner) will receive an opportunity to play. Perhaps it will be one of those John Daly at the British Open, "alternate makes good" kind of stories.

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